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    Why your business can benefit from professional snow removal / ice control this winter season

    It is never too early to start planning for snow removal for businesses and commercial properties in The Twin Cities area. You could be in a bad situation if you don’t have a plan before the snow falls. You must ensure that people are safe on your walkways and parking lots. The presence of snow and ice on parking lots and walkways can make it difficult for customers to shop in your store or visit your commercial property. These are some of the reasons why you or your commercial property will benefit from professional snow removal during this winter season.

    Snow Removal & Ice Control Reduces Liability

    It is important to always keep your liability in mind. People could slip and slide if a parking area or walkway isn’t maintained after a storm. A well-plowed parking lot will make your business or commercial property safer for all. A recent study found that the average injury claim for a fall caused by ice or snow was about $33,000. Schedule regular snow removal to reduce your risk of being sued.

    Professional services are more efficient than any in-house team

    You are wasting valuable time by trying to manage snow removal yourself. Instead, you should be focusing on improving your business. Commercial snow plowing can be an effective way to remove snow, ice and other debris. You and the people who use your parking area and walkway expect and deserve a clean lot.

    Ice and snow filled lots are bad for business

    If you think about the economics of it, if your parking lot or walkway has been left untouched after a storm, and customers see that there is a lot of snow on it, they are unlikely to enter. It could be damaging to your business if you lose customers due to snow and ice. By hiring a snow removal service, you can be sure that your property is well taken care of following a storm.

    If you don’t remove it or remove it incorrectly, your lot can be damaged

    Professional snow removal companies use the most up-to-date snow removal equipment. The surface underneath the snow will be protected from damage by plows. The parking lot, walkways and other surfaces will remain intact while free from snow and ice.

    Clean Cut Outdoor Snow Removal and Ice Control

    The most popular plan includes the application of calcium chloride or salt, as well as a plow and/or shovel. This plan includes pre/post-storm surface treatments and snow removal.

    Additional Snow Service Highlights

    • Specialized in Commercial Snow and Ice Control
    • Salt, shoveling and plowing
    • There is no property too large or small
    • Account management by a dedicated staff
    • 24-hour service
    • You need the right personnel and equipment for your property
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