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  • White Bear Township, MN 55110
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    Your Erosion Control Experts

    Welcome to Clean Cut Outdoor Services, your trusted erosion control contractor in White Bear Township, MN. At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, we understand the importance of protecting your land from erosion and the detrimental effects it can have on your property’s value and sustainability. With our unequaled expertise and comprehensive range of services, our team is committed to providing top-quality erosion control solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Left unaddressed, erosion can cause soil loss, landscape degradation, and costly property damage. At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, our reliable and flexible erosion control services help you prevent water-related issues before they become significant problems. The erosion control measures we use help prevent soil loss and promote healthy vegetation growth, allowing you to maintain your property’s beauty and integrity.

    Top-notch Erosion Control Services in Afton, MN

    Once you choose us, our team of highly-trained professionals will assess your property and develop a customized erosion control plan that aligns with your budget and goals. Whether it’s installing erosion control blankets, hydroseeding, or constructing retaining walls, our erosion-prevention experts have seen and done it all.

    Need Dirt Work?

    Don’t let unchecked erosion compromise your investment’s beauty and functionality. Contact Clean Cut Outdoor Services and we’ll promptly get started protecting your valuable land. Our comprehensive erosion control services are available to residential, commercial, and municipal customers in Afton, Stillwater, Hugo, Scandia, Marine on St. Croix, May Township, Grant, West Lakeland, and surrounding Minnesota and Western Wisconsin communities.

    Black Dirt

    Clean Cut Outdoor Services only uses the highest-quality black dirt for every project. Whether you are a property owner, contractor, or developer, our competitive prices and exceptional customer service will help ensure exceptional project results.

    Dirt, Gravel and Mulch Delivery/Hauling

    While ensuring prompt deliveries that eliminate project delays, we have the equipment to safely and efficiently transport all types of construction and landscaping materials, including black dirt, rock, gravel, and mulch.

    Silt Fence

    A silt fence protects the water quality and environment around your site while you’re working. We can install temporary silt fences to control sediment and storm-water runoff and remove them once they are no longer needed.


    We can properly seed your new construction site or existing property with turf grass that complies with local codes, grows well in your soil, and helps prevent erosion. Our seeding services are effective, efficient, and competitively priced.


    Hydroseeding is an impactful way to get superior results at a fraction of the cost of sod. We mix premium-quality ingredients, including seed, fertilizer, bio stimulants, and hydro mulch, to ensure your lawn stays thick, healthy, and beautiful year-round.

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