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    What To Expect From Bush Clearing Services In Afton MN

    When undertaking any development or construction project on your property, cleaning the space is essential. We can help you weed, and clear debris, vegetation, and trees to provide a clear ground to work on. Here is what you can expect when you hire our bush clearing services in Afton MN.

    Initial survey

    Our first step will be to come and survey the land to identify what needs to be done. We will not know how much space is to be cleared and what is in the area. Also, if any issues might come up in the process of doing our job, we will let you know. This can add to the cost of getting the work done.


    The next step is to tackle how the project will be handled. Our land clearing contractor will sit down with the rest of our team and put together the equipment and any other resources required for the project. We also identify how many workers will be needed to complete the project successfully. Then we come up with a reasonable timeline. We will consider your input as well.

    Get a quotation

    Once we know everything that needs to be done, then we will give you an accurate quotation in writing. We can provide an itemized cost for transparency.

    Vegetation Removal

    Any trees and vegetation are removed. Our methods prevent soil erosion and damage to the natural environment. We also care for the safety of people and animals while working.

    Stump removal

    Any remaining tree stumps will be removed. Additionally, we will get rid of debris. This will leave a smooth and level surface for our excavating contractor to work on.

    Routine maintenance

    Expect some regrowth after some time. That is why routine maintenance is necessary. Talk to us about coming in to maintain the property after every few months to keep the area looking pristine.

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