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    Four Reasons Why Homeowners Need Brush Control In Afton MN

    At Clean Cut Outdoor Services, we offer land clearing services to municipal, commercial, and residential clients. Although commercial property owners and civil project managers are diligent about clearing out fast-growing foliage, most homeowners are not. That’s why we’re sharing four important reasons to invest in brush control in Afton MN today.

    Sadly, when it comes to trees, shrubs, weeds, and other foliage on your land, it’s what you don’t see that causes the greatest damage. When shrubs and other living elements flourish in visible areas, they often have aggressive and fast-spreading roots underground. In many areas, these growths won’t prove problematic. However, if they grow too close to your sewer line or other underground utilities, they can cause whole-house backups, gas line ruptures, and other devastating events.

    For this reason, brush control is also important if you have a septic tank with attached drain field. Underground roots can encroach your tank by making their way toward weak areas to gain access to moisture and nutrients inside. If you leave your brush untended, you could wind up needing major septic tank repairs, drainfield clearing, or septic tank replacement services.

    On all property types, uncleared land presents a vast range of trip and fall hazards. Even if an unknown and unauthorized party enters your grounds and harms themselves, you can still be held liable. Regular brush removal and strategic land clearing could be an important part of fulfilling your duty of care and keeping yourself protected.

    Unchecked foliage can also take a toll on HVAC systems. If you have a central air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini-split system with an outdoor condenser unit, you need to make sure that this unit has at least two feet of clearance on all sides. Failing to do so could lead to short cycling, overheating, or other frustrating, airflow-related problems. To get in touch with a top-rated land clearing and brush removal contractor, contact Clean Cut Outdoor Services today!

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